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Co-op Deposit Collection Services
At which Co-operative Bank branches can I deposit my money?

All Co-operative Bank BranChes Countrywide and all Co-op kwa jirani Agents Countrywide

What documentation will I be required to produce in order to transact?

Your DIB Bank Kenya ACCount number is all you need to transact. Supporting documentation/proof of source of funds may be required for amounts above Kes. 1M as per CBK prudential guidelines.

What are the charges for using this service?

This service is offered at no additional cost. Existing charges may be levied as per the DIB Bank Kenya Tariff guide.

Which accounts are eligible for this service?

All DIB Bank IocaI currency current and Savings Accounts

Which currencies are eligible for this service?

Kenya Shillings transactions

Who can deposit in my account through Co-operative Bank Branch/ Co-op Mtaani agents?

Yourself, your agents, your tenants, your customers from any part of the country where Co-op Bank has a presence, your authorized signatories, etc.

How long does the money take to reflect in my account?

The transaction is instant and reflects in your DIB Bank Kenya Account in real-time to enable you our customers the convenience of virtual business and countrywide reach.

How will I know my money has indeed reflected in my account?

DIB Bank Kenya Limited will send you a notification text to your registered mobile number at the end of the transaction. You may also access your account statement through our mobile and internet banking or any of our ATM machines.

What should I do if I have a dispute?

  • ¬†Always confirm the amount reflected on the deposit slip issued at Co-0p Bank, it will show the name and account number of your DIB Account and the amount deposited.Should you have any dispute at the point of the transaction, the same can be picked with the teller.
  • Should you have concerns after leaving the teller Counter regarding the nature of the transaction, amount, or availability of the same in your account, the same Can be addressed by Calling DIB Bank Kenya on +254 709 913000.

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