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Corporate and Investment Banking
What financial products are offered to Corporate and Investment Banking customers?

DIB offers banking services and solutions to every individual irrespective of their religion, race or colour. Our Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) department offers comprehensive solutions for any financial need aimed at supporting a company’s working capital needs, expansion, asset finance, local and international trade, project finance under different sharia contracts. In addition, we offer specialised collections and payments platforms for an efficient management of a business’s cash flows. Other financial services range from corporate current accounts, investment accounts, bulk processing, salary processing, tax payments to mention but a few.

Where would Corporate Customers be served from?

DIB Bank offers its esteemed customers many channels to access the Bank where it has invested heavily in an ever-expanding branch network, a robust online banking system and alternative modern payment and collection channels such as mobile money transfer services. Customers are served from the 7 branches of DIB (at Upperhill Head office, Sarit Branch at Westlands, Eastleigh Branch, Bondeni Branch in Mombasa, Contact Centre, Head Office / Switch Board and Kilindini House in Mombasa) with additional branches earmarked to be opened. A team of experienced and dedicated corporate relationship managers are at hand to meet the needs of existing and new customers. We would love to hear from you, contact us through corporate@dibkenya.co.ke

What distinguishes DIB’s Corporate and investment Banking (CIB) department from the rest of the banks?

The customer is at the heart of CIB’s team and the core attributes of the team are:

Responsiveness to the customer’s financial needs and building long-term financial partnerships driven by our team with unsurpassed knowledge and experience coupled with the Bank’s ability to offer comprehensive services and strategic solution-driven capabilities to corporate clients.

Anticipation  of business needs and provision of timely financial solutions.

Efficiency and being Proactive in turning around customer requests.

DIB Bank blends local expertise with global insights enabling your business cross new frontiers while responding swiftly to the ever changing markets dynamics.

Islamic banking and finance is today one of the world’s fastest-growing economic sectors that comprises of more than 400 institutions tasked with managing assets in excess of US$ 1 trillion globally.

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