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Personal Financing
DIB Retail Mortgage

1. What is DIB Mortgage financing?

DIB mortgage financing is a solution that avails funds to customers for purchase of completed residential housing unit, plot purchase or construction of a house on a preowned plot.

2. How do I know if I qualify for Mortgage financing?

To start with, your net income should be able to support the monthly mortgage repayments and still remain within the 2/3 debt burden ratio. In addition, your salary should be channeled through DIB Bank Kenya.

3. What documents do I need to apply for DIB Mortgage?

You need to complete a Mortgage Facility application form and return it alongside some few basic personal documents. A checklist of required documents can be obtained at any of our branches.

4. How much deposit do I need to raise before I can obtain bank financing?

You will be required to raise just 5% of purchase price and DIB will finance you for the 95% balance if purchasing a completed unit. For plot purchase DIB will finance 70% while for construction, DIB will finance 80%.

5. What are some of the costs associated with Mortgage finance?

In addition to monthly repayments, other costs that you need to consider include but no limited to; legal fees, valuation fees, taxes and statutory levies, insurance premiums among others.

6. How can I estimate the expected monthly repayment?

Kindly use our Financing calculator to evaluate your approximate repayment amounts.

Auto Finance

1. What does DIB Auto finance entail?

Our Auto Finance avails funds for purchasing motor vehicles for personal or business use for sole proprietors.

2. How do I apply for Auto finance?

Our process is quick and easy. Simply walk to any of our branches and our relationship team will assist you to complete the DIB Auto finance application form. Return the form to get with requisite documents and you will have a feedback within 4 days.

3. Does the motor vehicle have to be necessarily brand new?

No. We financing you for both new and preowned vehicles.

4. What is the maximum allowable age limit for financing preowned vehicles?

The maximum age allowed for preowned (used) vehicles is 7 years from the date of manufacture.

5. How much should I raise before the bank can finance me for motor vehicle purchase?

DIB will finance up to 80% of purchase price for new vehicles and 70% for preowned vehicles. You will be required to deposit your portion of financing before the bank avails financing.

DIB Personal Finance

1. What does DIB personal finance cover?

Through DIB personal finance, we provide you with funds required for your day to day needs. Whether to purchase household goods or meet emergency cash needs, this solution caters for it.

2. What is the qualification criteria to get personal finance?

Your net salary after statutory deductions and other financial obligations determines how much you qualify to get as personal finance.

3. Do I have to channel my salary through DIB to qualify for personal finance?

Yes it is mandatory that your employee remits your salary through DIB Bank for you to enjoy our personal finance facility.

4. What are the other charges associated with personal finance?

There is a documentation fee of 2% for facilities of up to Kes 1 Million. Facilities above Kes 1Million will attract a lower fee of 1%.

5. What is the maximum amount and maximum tenure for the facility?

Based on your income and other existing financial obligations, you may qualify for up to Kes 4 Million with a repayment period of up to 60 months.

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