As DIB Bank Kenya, our main objective is to adopt a corporate communication policy that will promote the identity, vision, strength, products and services, bank initiatives, business plan, financial performance, corporate social responsibility and accomplishments to all our stakeholders including customers, employees, investors, government, rating agencies, analysts, media, vendors and the wider investment and financial community.

The following guidelines will be applied in relation to our media and communication as a bank:

  1. Spokesperson: The Bank’s Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer are the official spokespersons for DIB Bank Kenya Limited.
  2. Financial Reporting: the bank shall, on a quarterly basis, as stipulated by the regulator, post its quarterly financial results. Besides making a comprehensive presentation, the CEO or Chairman or any other director of the bank so authorized by the Chairman/CEO shall directly interact with Bank Analysts' and address their queries and concerns upfront. During such interaction, the authorized bank persons may also provide guidance on the Bank's likely future performance in a conservative fashion by appropriately factoring-in risks emanating from domestic and global environment
  3. Media: The following communication methods will be used by DIB Bank Kenya to clarify information, or make announcements to its stakeholders:
    • Press Release
    • Web Site
    • Internet banking landing page
    • Specialized Notifications
    • One on One clarifications through branches or bank offices
    • Briefings or interviews by the Country Management Committee (CMC)
    • Interviews with the CEO or bank’s Chairman
    • Bank’s official social media platforms (Facebook, twitter)
    • SMS messages with the official bank header _ DIB Bank Kenya
    • Telephone through the official numbers that begin with 0709 913 000 / 020 51313 00)
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: DIB Bank Kenya shall also project its values and image through various corporate social responsibility activities. This will range from sponsorships, charities and charitable works and so on that will cover different areas in the Kenyan society.
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