Is DIB Bank recruiting and how do I get employed in the Bank?

DIB Bank Kenya Limited has been recruiting since early 2015 for most of the staffing positions required for the launch. We shall continuously review our manpower requirement as we launch and start operations upon CBK issuance of licence.

We shall advertise in the daily papers for any open position that may arise and you are free to apply as per guideline to be provided in the advert.

DIB Bank Kenya is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage all those who meet the set minimum requirement to apply for job posted

Are you considering interns in your Bank?

Yes, we shall be keen on starting an internship programme for fresh school leavers in future. However, this will be deployed after successful launch of the Bank and licensing by the Central Bank of Kenya.

Must I be a Muslim faithful to be able to work in the Bank?

No. DIB Bank Kenya is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate on the basis of religion whatsoever. This is a Bank that is founded on fairness, honesty and equality and we shall endeavour to ensure diversity is enforced at all levels. We have currently ninety nine per cent of our staff who are non-Muslims. Faith to which one belongs does not comprise of any of our competencies. However, we ascribe to a strong moral behaviour and a code of conduct that envisions our values system

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