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What is PesaLink?

PesaLink is a money transfer service from a local Kenya Shillings bank account to another local Kenya  Shillings bank account, or from a local bank account to a mobile number in real-time. It is a collaboration  between local banks who are members of the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) and is managed by  Integrated Payment Services Limited (IPSL) which is a subsidiary of KBA. 

What are the benefits of Pesalink?

PesaLink is real-time and is available 24/7  

  • One can transfer from as low as KES 10 to as high as KES. 999,999.  
  • It is safe since it eliminates the use of cash as a mode of payment. 

Which banks are part of PesaLink?

Local banks who are members of Kenya Bankers Association. To find banks on Pesalink services, use the  link 

Who has access to Pesalink?

All customers who are on the DIB Mobile Banking App will have access to Pesalink once they update their  Mobile Banking Application

How do I register for Pesalink?

No registration is required to use PesaLink. You only need to login to DIB Mobile Banking App and link  your account and phone to start enjoying this service. 

How do I send money through PesaLink?

Using DIB Mobile Banking app, select funds transfer and click on Pesalink option

Can I send money to someone who is not registered?

Yes, you can send money to another bank if the other person is not registered by using ‘Send to Account’  option.   For ‘Send to phone’ option the recipient must be registered on PesaLink otherwise the transaction will  fail.

How do I receive payments using my mobile phone number on PesaLink?

To receive payments through your mobile phone, you should register for PesaLink services using the DIB  Mobile banking App. On registration, your mobile number will be linked to your account. 

How do I change my registration from one Bank to another one?

PesaLink allows the user to change the default account and choose the bank account which they want  linked to PesaLink by visiting the ‘Update PesaLink Profile’ menu on PesaLink.

Can I use PesaLink to send money abroad?

No. Currently, PesaLink facilitates local funds transfers only.  

How long does it take money sent through PesaLink to hit my account?

The transfer is immediate, and funds are credited to customer account /phone in real time. 

Which currency do I use while sending money through PesaLink?

PesaLink facilitates Funds transfer from KES to KES only.  

Can I deposit money on PesaLink?

No, PesaLink only facilitates funds transfer from account to account or from account to phone.

How do I know that I have sent money to the right person?

The last step of sending money to a recipient requires the user to confirm the details of the transaction  before proceeding i.e., the name of the person (send to Phone), the account number and bank of recipient  (send to account). 

What happens when I send money to the wrong person?

Customer will be required to call the bank to initiate a reversal request for the transaction. Bank will follow  process of reversal request as stipulated in the process by the member banks.  

What is the reversal process when a PesaLink transaction fails?

Reversal of Pesalink transaction is automated i.e., if failure is due to system functionality, invalid account  number or phone number. 

How do I know that my transaction is successful?

You will receive an SMS confirming successful transaction  

Am I charged to receive money on PesaLink?

No, users will not be charged to receive funds on PesaLink

Will I be charged to send money on PesaLink?

Yes, there will be charges as below:  

Minimum Maximum  DIB Charge (Kes)
500  30
501  10,000  50
10,001  50,000  80
50,001  100,000  100
100,001  200,000  150
200,001  999,999  200

Can I link all my bank accounts to my mobile phone?

A customer can link one account from each bank that they bank with. 

Can I use PesaLink if I do not have a mobile phone?

The service is currently available on the DIB mobile App; thus, one needs a smart phone to access this  service. 

Can I use PesaLink to accept payments into my business account?

Yes, you can by providing the account number and directing whoever is sending money to use the ‘Send  to Account’ option.

Can I register with more than one of the participating Banks?

Yes, you can if you have an account with them.

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