Sharia Board

DIB Bank Kenya strives to bring to its customers, ‘The better way to bank’ in a Sharia compliant manner. To ensure that all products and services comply with the principles of Sharia, the shareholders of the bank have constituted a committee of scholars of repute, with experience in the field of Islamic Jurisprudence, economics and banking. It is empowered to issue Sharia guidance which is binding on the management of the bank.

In addition to the Sharia Board, a dedicated team of Sharia professionals handle Sharia control and audit functions to ensure that requisite support is provided under the guidance of the Sharia Supervisory Board and post implementation review is conducted and reported to the Shariah Board.

Sheikh Professor Ibrahim Ali Al Mansoori


Dr. Al Mansoori is a prominent Sharia scholar from the UAE with an active focus on the Islamic banking and finance industry. He is currently serving as Director of Sharjah Islamic Center for Economy & Finance Studies and the Assistant Professor of Economy & Islamic Banks, University of Sharjah.

Dr. Al Mansoori is currently serving as the Chairman of the Internal Sharia Supervision Committee (ISSC) of Al Hilal Bank and a member of various ISSCs of Islamic financial institutions. Dr. Al Mansoori holds a PhD in Economics & Islamic Banking, as well as two Master’s Degrees in Economics & Islamic Banking and Pedagogical Psychology. He has authored various research papers on contemporary matters relating to Islamic Banking.

Sheikh Badru Swaleh


Badru Jaffar Swaleh serves as the Sharia Coordinator and a member of the Internal Sharia Supervisory Committee of DIB Bank Kenya Limited. He holds a master degree in Islamic Banking Finance and Management from Gloucestershire University, United Kingdom. Bachelor’s degree in Hadith and Islamic Studies from Islamic University, Madina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Mian Muhammad Nazir


Mian Nazir is a globally recognized scholar in the field of Islamic banking and finance and has been at the forefront, for the past couple of decades, in structuring landmark products, services and transactions across all Islamic finance sectors and on matters of Sharia governance. He is acclaimed for his immense contribution to the growth of Islamic banking and finance industry through the cutting edge solutions.

Mian Nazir serves as a member of the Sharia governance boards of various Islamic finance institutions in the GCC, South Asia and East Africa and is also a member of the Islamic Banking Technical Committee of the Central Bank of UAE and UAE Banks Federation. He holds a master degree in Commercial Law from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, LLB (Hons) Sharia and Law degree from International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan and attended various leadership programs from leading universities.

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